About Richmond Team Ministry

Our Vision

We celebrate God’s love for all by:

Extending Christ’s inclusive welcome;
Exploring faith honestly with an open mind;
Placing people and planet at the heart of our mission.


Our three churches, St John the Divine, St Mary Magdalene and St Matthias, work together as equal partners in the Team Ministry. Part of the strength of the Team lies in the freedom of each church to worship in the distinctive ways they have built up over the years.

To find out more about the history of the Richmond Team click here.


The Team

Revd Canon Wilma Roest
Team Rector & Vicar of St Mary Magdalene
Revd Anne Crawford
Team Vicar of St Matthias
Revd Joe Moore
Team Vicar of St John the Divine
Revd Charlie Middleton
Ruth Martin

Parish Office

Emma Smellie
Children & Young People’s Ministry Leader
John Palmer
Parish Administrator
Denise Mahoney
Bookings Administrator
Property Manager
James Nicholson

Contacting Our Team

If you would like to contact any member of our team, you can visit our contact page.