Baptism is a wonderful way of giving thanks for the gift of a new life. Even more, it is the way in which this new life can be welcomed into the life of the Church. In the Richmond Team Ministry we express this by celebrating baptisms within our regular Sunday services, when the People of God are gathered, on certain Sundays in the year (see below).

If you are considering baptism for your child or children – and you live in our parish or worship at one of our churches – one of our parish staff will be in touch to visit you so that we can discuss what is a very important decision, and so that you can ask any questions you may have.

If you are not a regular worshipper at one of our churches, please join us on at least one Sunday before we visit you. Then you will have a good sense of the context in which the baptism might take place. For people coming with little ones the best services are:

  • St John the Divine, St John’s Road  11.00am
  • St Mary Magdalene, Paradise Road 09.30am
  • St Matthias, Friars Stile Road 09.30am

Godparents  Some people ask advice about godparents. It is much more important to have the right people than the right number (and not too many – four should be the maximum). A key consideration is how they feel about the promises which you and the godparents will make.

Baptism makes most sense as part of a continuing engagement in the worshipping life of the church. We shall be happy to explore this, and any questions you may have, when we visit.

Please get in touch with a member of the clergy or with our Parish Administrator to talk about baptism.